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If you would like to become a Linking Partner please follow the guide lines listed here.

Partner Application:

Basic Information:

1. All of our partner pages are human created and edited for quality insurance. We do not use automated software programs.

2. All of our partner pages are search engine optimized for each category.

3. All of our partner pages contain no more than 15 outgoing links.

4. Return links are checked daily. If our link is not found 3 times, the partner will be removed.

5. We do not accept sites dealing with nudity, gambling, hate, discrimination, extreme political / religious views, drugs / pharmacies, mortgages and debt reduction.

Partner Requirements:

1.A website you own must have a link to our site.

2.The main page of your site must have a Google page rank of 1 or greater. You may check your Google page rank by installing the Google Toolbar.

3.Your links page must be useful and relevent to category of partner.

4.Your site must be designed to where your links page will be able to obtain a goggle page rank.

5.The page that contains the link to our site must be no more than 3 clicks away from your home page.

6.The page that contains the link to our site must have no more than 30 outgoing links.

Step 1

1. Add the following link to your site, before submitting a partner application request here.

2. Site Title should read as: Cheap Domain Names

3. The Site Title text above in bold must link to:

4. Site Description: Cheap domain names registration,domain transfers,web hosting,email accounts.

Our link should appear like the one below on YOUR partner pages:

Cheap Domain Names

Cheap domain names registration,domain transfers,web hosting,email accounts.

Partner Application

Before submitting your website to our partner directory, please make sure you have created a reciprocal link to this site. For example, you may put the following code into your HTML (please look closely at the href=... part, your link should point to this exact URL):

Contact Name

Contact E-mail

Site Name

Site URL   (Fetch Site Info)

Reciprocal Link URL
The URL of the page containing the link back to this site.

Site Category

Site Description
A brief description of the site, up to 200 characters.

Copy the Letters
Enter the letters printed in the above image.

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